NEC pushes USB3.0 to 16Gbps with their new chipset

February 17, 2010, By Thomas Antony

USB 3.0 is the latest upgrade to the world’s most popular connectivity port. It will offer data transfer speeds of upto 5 Gbps making it more than 10 times faster than USB 2.0. And today, NEC has announced a new chipset whose bus speeds could exceed the USB 3.0 speeds over 3 times. Thats a whooping 16 Gbps!

More details below.

Through some rather ingenious tinkering with the delays in the feedback signal linked to the datarate, the company says it has conquered the interference that plagues very high speed data, giving considerably more headroom. A data transfer rate of 16 Gbps ( Gigabits-per-second ) would amount to around 2GB of data every second. At those speeds, even if you RAID together multiple solid-state drives, there would still be bandwidth left over.

Of course, none of this is official yet. NEC would have to obtain approval from the official standardizing organizations like the USB Implementer’s Forum before their new tech goes mainstream. If approved, it has the tendency to cut down data transfer delays to mere seconds. It surpasses Intel’s Light Peak, which is slated to provide speeds of upto 10Gbps and go into production by the end of this year.

Via Electronista

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