Mozilla Firefox Add-on Multifox facilitates Multiple Accounts Login

February 17, 2010, By Atul Roach

Mozilla Firefox is fast conquering the Internet Explorer and you do not need to guess the reason for the answer lies in creative add-on options like the just outed Multifox. Full marks for not only the creativity but even the add-on dubbing as it perfectly sounds like an offering from the Firefox realm. In simple terms, Multifox facilitates multiple accounts login for the same service.

It is seriously a novelty which will benefit everyone as most internet savvy people tend to have more than a single account for the same service.

I have a couple of Facebook accounts and I’ve always hated the fact that I cannot access both of them simultaneously but, Multifox now takes care of the problem. It is not just me but billions across the globe who will love to take advantage of multiple accounts login and in Multifox, Mozilla delivers the answer.

You simply need to d-load the tool from here , install the extension and restart the browser. Upon restarting you will notice a new option next to the browsing tabs reading- Open in a new identity profile.

On a personal note, I believe if Mozilla markets this add-on vehemently, IE is for sure going to loose numerous users. [via: Softsailor]

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