Motorola Devour Android Handset Available on Best Buy for Pre Order, Begins Selling Feb 25

February 17, 2010, By Atul Roach

Motorola Devour is the Android phone for the masses and therefore one can understand why it is so eagerly awaited! If it is getting too much for you to resist, Best Buy is offering you your chance to pre-order the smartphone by purchasing a $50 Best Buy Gift Card. While the Gift Card could be put to a more judicious use sometime later, its purchase will make sure that the Motorola Devour has been booked for you and it shall be collected from the Store on or after February 25.

Yes the delivery date is the same as the release date from Verizon but, one it satiates your anxiety and two, you can avoid the hassle of applying for a mail-in-rebate upon purchase under normal circumstances.

Do not start thinking that I have a clue about the exact pricing as the mail-in-rebate part is something that can be taken for granted these days.

Even Best Buy is pretty excited about its Motorola Devour grab especially after the success it got with the Motorola Droid which is still a hot property in the smartphone market. [via: nexus404 ]

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