T-Mobile webConnect Rocket 21Mbps HSPA+ USB modem announced at MWC 2010

February 16, 2010, By Atul Roach

High speed connectivity on the go has been a dream for the layman but the T-Mobile webConnect USB modem announced at the MWC 2010 minutes ago is determined to change that. It is a device that can take complete advantage of the High Speed Packet Access network of the carrier. The 21Mbps HSPA+ USB Modem looks similar to the 3G webConnect USB adapter but in reality, it is much faster, courtesy of a 3.5G-radio that maximizes bandwidth on T-Mobile’s upcoming 21 Mbps network.

The truth is that theoretically the originally offered speed is nearly half as none of 21Mbps HSPA+ are fully developed and even if the modem achieves 10.5 Mbps, it will be a great achievement. A test run on a non-optimized network fetched 9.11 Mbps which implies that the webRocket is a connectivity missile compared to the other USB modems.

T-Mobile is working thoroughly to fully develop the 21Mbps+ network and once that is done, the webConnect will deliver even better results.The USB Modem announced today should be up for the grabs as early as next month. [via: Jkontherun]

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