Microsoft Project Pink babies Turtle and Pure to adore NVIDIA Tegra Chipset in GSM and CDMA versions

February 16, 2010, By Atul Roach

Microsoft has remained tight lipped about its Project Pink handsets, the Turtle and Pure despite the ongoing MWC 2010 but even then, there have been some relevant information about the handsets that has percolated from various resources. A Sharp branded handset was spotted on the FCC list a couple of days back and it resembled the Turtle and since then info has continued to flow. The latest news is that Turtle and Pure will feature the NVIDIA Tegra chipset which will be capable enough to handle the touted video and media management capabilities.

Both these phones will be available in GSM as well as CDMA versions and though they might not be Windows Phone 7 laden creatures, they will be something better than a simple feature phone. With no Windows Phone 7 around, the Zune player integration talks also seem to vanish into thin air.

As per a hacker who managed to ‘taste’ the firmware, the Turtle will come with a 320 x 240 screen and the Pure will feature a 480 x 320 display. With so much known about these handsets, what still remains to be seen is whether these doodads will eventually bear the Microsoft moniker or not. [via: Wmexperts]

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