Capcom Street Fighter 4 for iPhone available this coming March

February 16, 2010, By Atul Roach

The Apple iPhone users who are involved in avid gaming will be pleased to know that Street Fighter 4 from Capcom is destined to arrive on their screens in the coming month. The game will be available on both handhelds i.e the iPhone and the iPod touch. Huge gaming franchises hitting the app store is no novelty but the 4th edition of the Street Fighter making it to the shrunk Apple screen still manages to surprise.

When there is Capcom involved the gamers can be rest assured that the game will make it on to their screens with controls they will enjoy for sure. Capcom has been thoroughly working on the controls since months so the iPhone edition of the game is bound to entertain. Specific controls for the platform were installed with no physical buttons and Capcom managed the feat by employing a virtual pad and move buttons recreating the arcade stick on the touchscreen.

Attention has been paid to ensure that even the minutest details like game color do not end up disappointing the gamers. [via: Gamercrave]

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