Windows Phone 7 Officialized at MWC 2010, Brings Xbox Live and Zune Integration

February 15, 2010, By Atul Roach

The new name for Microsoft’s mobile OS is the only thing you will hate about it as it has gone official at the ongoing MWC 2010. OK, so get used to dubbing it the Windows Phone 7 as Microsoft never gave the nomenclature a second thought but the ground reality is that users will love it with Xbox Live and Zune Integration.

The Zune integration was predicted and Xbox Live didn’t shell shock us courtesy of the leak so these two are not the real surprises. Indeed, the entire package is a welcome change as Microsoft has started afresh earnestly, be it bidding adieu to UI customizations such as Sense or TouchWiz or embracing social networking like never before.

The conventional start screen has ‘finally’ made way for scrollable tiles which can be customized as quick launches or the attractive widgets. The entire OS is reminiscent of the Zune HD platform but there is no complaining as it has potential to add liveliness to a thingamajig.

With the Xbox, a user gets live games, avatars, and profiles while the Zune experience brings to you the Zune player itself where even the FM radio finds a place. The list of carriers and hardware partners for Windows Phone 7 seems endless and we have already told you the reason for such mad pursuance.

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