Windows Mobile 7 Debut Confirmed for Next Week; Some Details Leaked Ahead of Release at MWC Barcelona

February 12, 2010, By Alex Ion

With the Mobile World Congress kicking in on Monday in Barcelona it’s only natural that Microsoft goes official with their new Windows Mobile 7 operating system sometime next week, but in honesty, it’s always good to get confirmation … just because.

Apparently the chaps at the Wall Street Journal have managed to find out a few interesting details about the long-awaited new software and the fact that it’s actually being unveiled (we could’ve told you that, too), next week.

In the mobile market, Microsoft has been overshadowed badly by Google’s Android OS (Apple and Blackberry, too), which is why the company needs to step up with major improvements to its phone software if they want to regain momentum in a crucial moment.

And by the looks of it, that may be Microsoft’s last attempt to prove they’re made of something, otherwise Android will have more and more changes to take over the market.

From what we hear, Windows Mobile 7 will be more consumer-focused than its previous versions and should come with an improved, yet simplified UI — probably borrowed from the Zune HD media player.

Last year only 9-percent of the smartphones sold were using Windows software, down from 13.2-percent in 2008, which is quite alarming for a company the size of Microsoft. So could it be the fact that phone manufacturers don’t like the WinMo OS because they need to pay for it, unlike Android or Symbian which are free?

Stay tuned on Monday at 3PM CET, as Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer, will be giving a presentation about the new Windows Mobile 7 showing off all there is to know about it.

[via WJS]

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