The iPad ‘Killer App’: Microsoft may develop Specific Office for the iPad

February 12, 2010, By Atul Roach

It is been the kind of day where we haven’t seen Apple and Microsoft as competitors but allies with Microsoft first announcing a preview of the Mac Office 2011 at the Macworld Expo and then revealing its probable plans to develop a ‘killer application’, Microsoft Office for the iPad.

Microsoft hasn’t revealed anything but it is looking at the possibility of releasing Office for Mac for the Apple iPad in the future. The positive thing is that Microsoft has the notion in mind and it may lead to developing one of the best applications available for the iPad.

Microsoft believes that it has had the tablet technology forever and as Windows Vista and Windows 7 automatically detect the tablet, its Office software can be used without the need of a specific application.

As a specific app though, Microsoft could target better functions which will remain exclusive to the iPad owners, something which will benefit both the behemoths eventually.

Currently, Microsoft is more focused on the HP Windows 7 tablet unveiled at CES and the iPad will gain importance when it breaks cover in March this year. [via: T3]

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