LG GW620 InTouch Max is an affordable Android baby

February 12, 2010, By Atul Roach

Android sure is the craze around the globe but some of the Android OS powered devices can be really expensive and therefore we need to talk about affordable options like the LG GW620, which is also known as the Etna or the InTouch Max in some parts of the globe. The LG GW620 is available in the UK and although it is not the best spec’d handset, it can definitely satiate the Android craving users by revealing to them a discreet world of Google OS compatible features.

Interestingly, this is LG’s first Android powered handset, which means Microsoft should be a tad worried as LG is also focusing on Google OS laden handsets for the future, the GW620 merely being a beginning. Other than the Android credentials, LG GW 620 InTouch Max comes with an appreciable 3″ HVGA resistive touchscreen display and a full QWERTY keypad which makes it an ideal texting device.

A rarity to this handset is a headphone jack as LG seldom chooses to have a customary one integrated onto its devices. The irony is that though we call it ‘affordable’ we are not sure about its pricing albeit we are certain, it is a lowly priced handset.

The message is loud and clear, with a basic Android version on-board and a headphone jack and texting abilities endowed, this is an out and out device for the generation next! [via: phonesreview]

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