AT&T Palm Pre Launch Confirmed by FCC Docs; Release Date Set For May?

February 12, 2010, By Atul Roach

The US bound GSM version of the Plam Pre may be heading to AT&T as early as May 10 this year as per an FCC document revelation. Sprint and Big Red already have the device selling from its inventory which leaves AT&T as the only carrier in the US that does not offer the Palm Pre. While Verizon is getting closer to laying its hands on the Apple iPhone, it seems that AT&T has finally started concentrating on other viral handsets, a GSM service enabled Palm Pre is definitely not a bad grab.

Thanks to a precentral forum member ToniCipriani who make the discovery for otherwise, AT&T (just like usual times) would have managed to keep a tight lid on this development for some more time.

Toni discovered that the FCC documents were burying a third version of the Palm Pre with AT&T compatible 850/1900 GSM and WCDMA bands II/V ready for a May 10 release. For me, AT&T has been late in catching the bus as it has been 11 months since the phone was first launched, and Sprint and VZW has derived the sales advantage not leaving much in it for AT&T. [via: BGR]

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