Nokia Booklet 3G Now on Sale in the UK for a ‘Painful’ £649

February 11, 2010, By Atul Roach

There are a lot of American people who bought the Nokia Booklet 3G to up the style quotient more than anything else but, it didn’t hurt much as the Finnish giant retailed it for $599. Now the same Booklet 3G has arrived in the UK for an upped pricing and with no added features which is why one wonders the reason behind homing this netbook. The UK price for the product is £649-truly unjust. Some Englishmen believe that Bose is particularly bad where it switches between the UK and US pricing by merely alternating the sign and it seems that the practice has rubbed on…

A probable netbook buyer in the UK will consider Acer or Samsung netbooks which offer similar features for a better price instead of opting for the Booklet 3G. Features like the 10.1-inch HD glass display, Windows 7 OS, HDMI, a webcam, A-GPS, Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity through a SIM aren’t anything out of this world to lure a buyer into paying £649.

Yes there is connectivity to Ovi Maps and direct access to Nokia’s Ovi Suite but that can be managed even using a Nokia smartphone, why waste money on an average featured netbook. Does 1.6GHz Z530 Atom processor power with 1GB RAM and a 120GB hard drive, and 12 hours battery life make you foolish enough to ignore the unjust pricing? [via: Pocket-Lint]

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