Motorola Cliq & HTC Hero Confirmed to Be Getting Android 2.1 Next Month

February 11, 2010, By Atul Roach

Well, the header says it all but what it does not reveal is that the Android 2.1 goodness may not arrive in the US at the moment though exporting the ROM is always a smart move in such cases. As much as we do not understand all Android running devices not getting the 2.1 update collectivity, we’ve loved to hear that the Android 2.1 update is finally ready for the HTC Hero and Motorola Cliq. Nexus One and the Droid were popular names with Android 2.1 intact but that privilege will now be shared and therefore both, CLIQ and the Hero could do some fame-gaining again.

The Motorola Hero will be getting the update in March and the updated handset supporting 2.1 will also have Sense UI installed along-with a new widget dubbed the Fried Steam. Fried Steam will be an aggregating widget which will collect users updates across different social networking services. Other improvements on the Android 2.1 Hero will include better Exchange support amongst other things.

As far as the CLIQ is concerned, the update will happen ‘sometime’ in March but there is no word on the changes which the update phone will stage. [via: Unwiredview]

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