ZoomMediaPlus zoomIt to let access SD card content on iPhone, iPod Touch

February 9, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

If you are an iPhone or iPod Touch user, this one is for you. The zoomIt from ZoomMediaPlus is an SD card reader has been designed to allow iPhone and iPod Touch users access all iPhone OS 3.0 files on an SD card. And, this means you can access anything inside, including images video and music files. 

Working in tandem with the zoomIt app, zoomIt also lets you catch hold of even PowerPoint, Excel, Word or PDF file types.

What’s more, zoomIt also allows iPhone and iPod Touch users to copy files stored on these Apple devices to an SD card, and of course without connecting to a camera, Mac or PC. Sounds good, isn’t it? This is how it works. When docked on to the connector, you can make the device help you copy files to or from an SD card using the free zoomIt app. Talking of the app, it also lets you share files via email, Facebook and Flickr too.

Currently available for pre-order and expected to start shipping in April 2010, zoomIt comes with a price tag of $59.95. So in case you are looking at that extra storage space for your Apple playthings, zoomIt can help you. We also hear that the makers of the device are now planning a new version of the device very soon.

(Via Gizmag)

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