PayPal Halts All Personal Payments to India

February 8, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

PayPal, the eBay-owned payment processing service, has halted all personal payments to and from customers based in India. Bank transfers are also stopped, meaning that if you currently have money in your account, you can’t withdraw it to your bank account.

Commercial payments still work as usual, it’s just the personal ones that have been affected, as well as the bank withdrawal procedure. The explanation given by PayPal is that they need to work out “questions about the service” posed by business partners and stakeholders at the company – though no details have been given on the question at hand.

If you’ve been sending money to India-based recipients, it should be returned to your PayPal account along with an explanation by the system – some people have been reporting that while they received a notification that their payment has been returned, they did not actually receive their money back.

PayPal stated that they’re working on the matter as fast as they can and have apologized for any inconvenience caused to their Indian customers.

[ Via PCWorld ]

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