Motorola to get Android 2.1 update soon – includes multitouch browser

February 8, 2010, By Thomas Antony

According to inside information, Verizon will soon be releasing an updated for the DROID pushing out the new Android 2.1. This should help bring the DROID up to date with all the current features of the Google Nexus One. Added features includes a multitouch browser and more.

More details below.

The update will be based on the Android 2.1 version 1, which will be the same as the update pushed OTA to the Nexus One last week. The Google Goggles app now comes pre-installed. The new browser will now include multitouch enabled like Google Maps 3.4, but still lacks Flash support. The home screen looks pretty much the same as 2.0.1, and Nexus One’s rotating 3D grid of app icons is still missing. Active wallpapers haven’t been included. Other new stuff includes the news and weather widgets introduced on the Nexus One. The missing features could be due to the extra processing horsepower that they may require.

There is still no word on when the update will be coming out. We will keep you updated.

Via Engadget

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