Microsoft Windows Mobile 7 likely to be accompanied by Zune media player

February 8, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

We have been hearing a lot about the Zune media player which aims at beating the iPhone. The device that is said to be in the works at Microsoft is now set to arrive and is most likely to be rolled out along with the launch of Windows Mobile 7. The news brings to focus Microsoft’s plan to integrate Zune functionality into its smartphone operating system.

With the arrival of this feature, it is expected that phone makers will be looking at designing their new devices with a tilt toward music and video capabilities. It is also expected that the version will have a user interface that greatly resembles the one on the Microsoft Zune.  The focus on music and video is expected to further put to use the Zune desktop application, not the Windows Mobile Device Center that is currently being deployed widely. These apart, the other areas of emphasis would be social networking. It is likely that Facebook and Twitter could get integrated into the user interface, and for the gamers it would be the integration of Xbox live.

The arrival of Windows Mobile 7 will also trigger the arrival of a second version too, it is believed. The next version would offer all the features users are accustomed to, such as compatibility with current apps, multi-tasking, and the like.

(Via Brighthand)

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