Hutchison lining up a discount on Apple iPads for customers in Austria

February 8, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Apple iPad is gonna go cheap. Before you all rejoice, this piece of good news is only for readers in Austria who are planning to get hold of an iPad. Carrier Hutchison has plans to offer a discount on the Apple tablet wireless version, we are told.

The offer comes with a clause.  If you are in Austria and are someone who has the iPad in your shopping list, you will get the device for a discount provided you opt for a 2-year, €29.90 per month 5GB data contract.  This could mean the iPAd would come with a €333 price cut, which in dollar terms would be somewhere around $445.

Adding to the charm, Hutchison is also believed to be passing over the 3G version of the iPad in favor of a bundled Huawei i-Mo 3G modem. This, in turn, would create a personal WiFi space with each iPad. However, everything on the pricing front would depend more on the manner in which Apple decides to price the device.

It also remains to be seen how many iPads would be shipped outside of the US.

(Via Slashgear)

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