BenQ V2220/V2220H, world’s slimmest LED monitor, is green and energy-efficient too

February 8, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The slimmest among the slim LED monitor has taken shape at the BenQ stables. Dubbed as the world’s thinnest 21.5” W LED monitor, the company’s new innovation comes across as a stylish sleek cutie and promises to deliver top of the line performance too. What more do you expect from such a device?

The BenQ V2220/V2220H, as it has been named, promises to offer 16:9 Full HD plus a dynamic contrast ratio of 10,000,000:1. As if in acknowledgement of the BenQ V2220/V2220H’s ultimate performance, it has already been picked for an iF Product Design Award for 2010. The LED monitor has been designed in such a way that it possesses the ability to reveal detail in darkly lit areas of the screen rendered as undifferentiated blocks on less capable displays, says a review report. With all these capabilities, the BenQ V2220/V2220H brings in a combination of cutting edge technology and blends in with the traditional display design.

It is also somewhat green, considering that the BenQ V2220/V2220H cuts down so much on power consumption. Power usage is snipped by 28.6 per cent compared to CCFL models and with Eco mode saves up to 52 per cent.

So next time you go rummage through catalogs for the greenest, energy efficient and performance oriented LED monitor, you have the BenQ V2220/V2220H at your disposal.

(Via Fareastgizmos)

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