Sega Sonic 4: The Hedgehog game soon to come as downloadable ‘episode’

February 4, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

For all you gamers who have been looking forward to a Sonic game that carries over the spirit of the Genesis fan favorites, here’s some bit of news. Sega’s new Sonic The Hedgehog game, Sonic 4 is soon arriving as a downloadable episode on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network and Wii. Significant is the fact that Sonic 4 will be a 2D game with 3D visuals.

The game, being made with the subtitle Episode 1 ‘The first part of a much larger adventure’, comes with a theme that could appeal to all. A brand-new adventure episode, the new one seeks to follow up on the Sonic & Knuckles game  and is expected to be as popular.

Sega is, in fact, looking keenly a the downloadable platform for Sonic 4 too, as earlier the strategy had proved to be successful with titles such as Capcom’s Mega Man. Besides, Sega’s strategy for a 2D game with polished 3D graphics comes as part of a desire to bring in a Genesis-era Sonic game.

Going by the looks of it, the new game is poised to be on top of all Sega adventures. We are just about close to picking ours.

(Via GameSpot)

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