iPad Competitor: Fusion Garage’s JooJoo Tablet PC Arriving This Month

February 2, 2010, By Atul Roach

It seems that the iPad popularity has some telling effect as even the pre-orders for Fusion Garage’s JooJoo Tablet have exceeded expectations. This may be one of the reasons why Fusion Garage has decided to sell the Tablet PC as early as the end of this month. JooJoo Tablet PC may be a far cry from the iPad but, it does impress us on certain counts-Flash support, multitasking and a webcam/microphone combo.

The dark side is that the JooJoo Tablet PC does not offer any connectivity mode other than WiFi and 3G hopefuls may have to wait till eternity.

Talking about the tablet PC, it has a 12-inch, 1366-by-768-pixel display, 1GB of memory and a disappointing 4GB SSD where the users do not enjoy the privilege of directly saving files to a mentioned drive. The lack of storage capacity along with the lack of an App store (uses web as a platform) clearly suggest that it is an internet based tablet.

The JooJoo Tablet PC costs $499, a price comparable to the iPad so, what is that you will eventually buy? [via:PCW]

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