Google to push Chrome via billboards, newspaper ads just ahead of Browser Ballot in Europe

February 2, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

This could well be a unique step from Google ever. The company has resorted to something it has never done by treading on to the platform of real-world advertising to hard sell its Chrome web browser in Europe. Why Europe you might ask? The answer is that Google wants to make the most of the time ahead of a regulatory change that is to allow consumers switch web browsers at will. As part of the campaign, Europe’s street centers will now sport huge billboards proclaiming the benefits of using Chrome.

It will not just be billboards. Google is also planning to make a splash on newspaper pages with Chrome ads. This is a true departure from the traditional word of mouth advertising Google has been resorting to until now. Newspaper ads, billboards on streets and train stations and wherever possible would serve as the company’s Chrome marketing space from now on. The cities which would experience such a kind of marketing would include metropolises such as London, Paris and Amsterdam.

Many an observer would like to believe that Google has increasingly begun showing its acceptance of the traditional media. With advertisement agency Omnicom bagging the Google Chrome account, visibility is one big target Google is looking at, for the moment. For those who haven’t heard as yet, the European Union is set for what is known widely as the ‘Browser Ballot’ that will allow users to actively select the program they will use to surf the Internet when they use their computer for the first time. Google wants its Chrome browser to be on top of everybody’s minds when such a regulation is implemented.

(Via Reuters)

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