Canon Rebel T2i DSLR Surprise Next Week!

February 2, 2010, By Atul Roach

Canon is on the ‘rebellion’ again, hungry for more, better and brighter images and to satiate the hunger, it might just surprise us with the revealing of its Rebel T2i DSLR sometime next week. Now before you get too excited, let me precisely specify that this information is a pure rumor but, we have high hopes as the source quoting the new rebel DSLR arrival has been very accurate in the past.

The exact details of the upcoming DSLR are still a mystery but the ‘source’ mentioned that the Rebel T2i will feature an all new LCD with an even higher resolution. For those who like recording more than clicking, T2i could be a delight with its selectable FPS settings for video capture.

Rebel T2i DSLR might arrive with a redesigned housing shape and an overall improvement in the build quality. Also, a new battery grip and LP-E8 battery are being speculated for the T2i, however, the articulating screen will not be a part of this thingamajig.

We know how these ‘rebels’ have behaved in the past so we cannot just wait for the T2i to arrive and if it happens this week, you know where to look for the details first! [via: Electronista]

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