Venturi Volage electric sportscar to have Michelin involvement

February 1, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Heard of the new upcoming Venturi Volage? The latest electric concept sportscar that was on show at the recent North American International Auto Show could well spell out the new norms as to how an electric vehicle is made. The Volage comes from the same company that made the world’s first production electric sportscar Fetish earlier.

This time around, Venuturi is teaming up with Michelin and the Volage will be born out of this marriage. The Venturi Volage concept electric sportscar from Venturi’s Clement Dorance will come sporting the Michelin Active Wheel System. This is one among the first for Michelin and would replace the traditional engine with eight electric motors located within the wheels. The wheels have been designed in such a way that each wheel contains two motors. While one of the wheels will take care of the propulsion, another will look after the suspension.

The design has been conceived this way to make the Volage a four-wheel-drive, with active suspension. The wheel design will also provide for a low center of gravity so that the maneuverability is boosted. We are still unaware as to when the Volage will go into production. From what we hear, it seems like Venturi might supply these electric vehicles to the French postal service once it debuts.

(Via Gizmag)

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