MSI Tablet, powered by Nvidia-Tegra, to arrive in H2 2010 for $500

January 28, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Tablet PCs are in. More so, following the arrival of the Apple iPad! Though the iPad is promising to be on the shopping list of all you enthusiasts out there, there are other technology innovators too who are waiting in the wings with their new tablets. One major is Micro-Star International (or MSI as we know it). MSI is all set to roll out its new Nvidia Tegra-based tablet PC in the second half of 2010.

To come attractively designed with a 10-inch color touchscreen that boasts of absolute wireless support, the MSI tablet would feature quite a handful of aspects we would like to see in a modern day tablet. MSI has the tablet in the works as of now and is believed to be building it as an amazingly low weight device. The light weight and thin tablet would be preferred by many, we guess, for its friendliness for mobility. And, what’s more, you will also get all the features you find in a latest notebook too.

MSI is likely to bring to market the new tablet for a price of $500. The company plans to have no hard and fast rule when it comes to user friendly specs, and would make different version s of the tablet. This it believes would be according to market demand. MSI knows the market and would be ready for whatever we ask it seems. Going by what we have managed to know, MSI has a must buy device being made. Let’s wait to know more.

(Via DigiTimes)

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