Would you buy an Apple tablet? 54% of UK customers say yes

January 27, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Would you buy an Apple tablet? This is the question doing the rounds even as the red carpet is ready for the device to debut.  If you would go for it, how fast would you get one for yourself?  VoucherCodes.co.uk asked the same question to many in the UK. The results make for interesting read. Among he 3,000 people that the survey team spoke to, as many as 54 per cent have said they would, of course, consider buying a tablet for their own. Read on for more revelations.

While 54 per cent said so, a small 2 per cent confirmed that they are already singing their way to the sales counters to get one as soon as it arrives. Forty per cent of the respondents said they fail to find the device interesting to buy it. A 25 per cent among the 3,000 people interviewed said they would wait for the right price, while an 8 per cent said they would go for it with the right features. The not so sure ones who want one of those models, but are not sure if they would be right in their decision said they would rather wait for Apple to iron out any bugs. The customers who said this form a 14 per cent of the total crowd.  .

Remember a group of people said they would go for it if it sells for the right price? While 46 per cent of consumers would only be prepared to spend £250 on the Apple iTablet,

25 per cent would pay £500, and 21 per cent would love to buy it only if it comes for something than £100.

Those who would own their tablets soon, would make use of the device for browsing the web, downloading and reading books, magazines and newspapers on the go and viewing movies on a high resolution screen, playing music. There are also some who would want to make use of the tablet as a slate that converts handwriting to text.

Now this is even more interesting. With a name yet to be confirmed by Apple, suggestions are dime a dozen. While 27 per cent of the respondents wanted the device to be called iTablet , 25 per cent named it iPad and 12 per cent called it the iSlate. We will know the real name in a while. Stay tuned.

(Via VoucherCodes)

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