Apple Tablet may have all in it to charm the kids; seen as toy and teacher

January 27, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The tablet is arriving, and it seems like a few parents have started speculating on what it would bring to their kids. No doubt, the tablet will be a toy, a learning device and much more for the children of the world. While it is for sure that many kids would find it wonderful to have a larger screen where their iPod Touch apps would be magnified, many others would see it as a home-schooling tool too.  

It would be fascinating for the kids to have their homework and related files sit next to them on a screen so handy and right on the study table. Interactive educational websites and also movies would come streaming in to the device at will. What’s more, it would be like carrying a whole range of school books and leisure reading material whenever they are on a trip somewhere outside home.

It is being believed that the tablet could find use as a tool that integrates education and technology and thereby allowing easy access to e-textbooks and online teaching. The device could also prove to be a tool  that would spur creativity in young minds and we could even get to see them designing their own apps.

So toy, teacher and more. That is what the Apple tablet might be for the kids who are never intimidated by tech advancements. Good signs, right?

(Via Wired)

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