Apple tablet catches app developers fancy; overtakes iPhone as preferred development platform

January 27, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

The Apple tablet is just minutes away, but software developers are seeing sunrise already. Around 550 developers surveyed by developer tools maker Appcelerator Inc have hinted at this. It has been revealed that nine out of 10 software developers said that said they have lined up plans to create an Apple tablet application by 2011.

Respondents have added that the upcoming Apple tablet has become the third most popular development platform. This comes as amazing considering that the Apple device hasn’t yet been unveiled. It has been revealed that 58 per cent of the developers who were surveyed said that the Apple tablet has in fact overtaken the iPhone as one of their preferred development platforms.

This could mean that a slew of experiments are on the way.  Most of the innovations might be on the business/productivity, entertainment, social networking, education and games segments. It is also likely that social networking software and applications with local uses could hop on to the tablet platform of innovation.

In the meantime, it is also believed that Appcelerator might look at adding support for the most-requested features such as including multitasking. Multitouch gestures which would be supported by the tablet and tablet-specific user-interface components would get on to the workshops. We will get to hear more about the apps that come close on the heels of the tablet.

(Via ComputerWorld)

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