Apple iPad to Get iBook, an E-Book Reader App

January 27, 2010, By Radimir Bobev

Apple seem to be bent on destroying their competition on the ebook market, as they announced that the iPad will get a new app called the iBook, which will basically be an ebook reader. It’ll be backed by a store not very different from iTunes, but will focus on books and printed media.

The app will offer similar e-reader capabilities, but with a little added extra like Apple normally do with their products. It combines both a reader and a store interface, so that users can read books as easy as buy them – you can find a book you like, purchase it, and read it, with the option of either reading in a horizontal two-page layout, or a vertical one that shows a single page.

Navigation seems to be very easy and smooth, like with all Apple products, and while the price for iBooks hasn’t been revealed, a sample was shown that costs $14.99. The reader will use the ePub format, and will offer content from various major publishers.

[ Via Nexus404 ]

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