Apple iPad Doesn’t Have a Kickstand, Features Loads of Media Content

January 27, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Whoever said the Apple iPad would arrive accompanied by a kickstand has been proved wrong. The Apple iPad will not be sporting a built in kickstand. It is just the kickstand that is a minus, after all. The features the device loads into itself are enough to keep you in awe.

The company decision to do away with the kickstand could come as a welcome one, as it could add to the aesthetics of the device. However, there are many who would have preferred a kickstand so that they could have left their hands free while using the device.

It’s the kickstand that is missing.. Look at the features it has brought with it. Seems like Apple has designed the device to enable us do anything, anytime. Be it flying between continents or working 24×7 or at leisure sipping some thing good. The iPad can accompany you anywhere, anytime. It has the apps you wanted to have. And you can run it a cool 10 hours uninterrupted. The battery life is such that you don’t have to be worried whatsoever even if you continue paying with it at a stretch of 10 hours. And as Steve Jobs says, it also boasts of a month of standby time.

Apple has made it run on 1GHz Apple A4 chip and the device boasts of a full capacitive multitouch interface. Watching videos becomes a real stunner of an experience. It also sports maps, as you wanted them to be.

Apple has built the iTunes store right inside the device so that you can sample music and buy songs. Now you know, what we mean. It has everything you imagined it to have.

(Via Gizmodo, Engadget)

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