“Unhackable” PlayStation 3 Hacked by iPhone Jailbreaker George Hotz

January 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

Sony PlayStation3, the only fully locked console system of seventh generation era which is claimed to be secure and almost unhackable has been hacked by the famous iPhone jailbreaker George Hotz. The hack was announced by ‘GeoHot’ himself and he says that he could manage the deed in five weeks. George managed to achieve the feat three years, two months and eleven days after the PS3 release. Sony should draw some consolation from the fact that George thinks the PS3 is indeed a ‘very secure system’ but not unhackable anymore.

As per Hotz, the hack began last summer after he analyzed the console for about three weeks after which he finally managed to crack the PS3. He cannot reveal entire details of the hack as of now, but he is working on it and the description will be online soon.

Hotz believes that nothing is unhackable (that is what makes him so special) and now he can do whatever he feels like with the PS3. His hack will allow people to play older PS2 games on their consoles and even the pirated PS3 games.

Sony believes that the claims are dubious and it will only file a report after complete investigation. Some one from Cupertino should tell Sony what this 20 year old whizkid is all about!

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