BeBook e-book reader with Freescale Processor Promises Good Speeds

January 26, 2010, By Atul Roach

An e-book reader was once a novelty but today things are different to an extent where an e-book reader surfaces every other day and today’s addition is the BeBook Neo e-reader. Now in the vast sea of e-book readers, what is that makes the BeBook Neo special, if you may ask. The answer is its integrated Freescale processor which BeBook claims-makes the e-reader 2.5 times faster compared to its rivals. If it is that fast, then why not shun the Amazon Kindle for it?

The problem lies in the fact that it lacks 3G incorporation but it tries to make up with WiFi on board which could help a user access a number of third party e-book stores. Enough of these pros and cons, it is time we detail the best features.

The BeBook e-book reader has a Wacom touchscreen on which you can punch a location and the User Interface automatically renders the list of e-book retailers and the stuff they offer. It is quite a handy device with regularities such as 512MB onboard storage, a slot for a 16GB microSD card, a 3.5mm headphone jack and USB connectivity.

The e-book reader can be pre-ordered now for a very competitive price of $453 and it will be shipped by February 2010. [via: Techchee]

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