T-Mobile HTC HD2 Smartphone to Boast more ROM, RAM and Windows Mobile 7

January 25, 2010, By Atul Roach

T-Mobile has just listed the HTC HD2 on its US website and though the smartphone took a long time arriving at the US shores, the version to invade the T-Mobile stores will come with an improved ROM and RAM capacity. Frankly speaking, the European and the Asian variants of the HTC HD2 were laden with stunning features but, both-the RAM and ROM- capacity is what made it disappointing.

The Americans will not have to feel disappointed on this count as the T-Mobile HTC HD2 version will feature 1GB of ROM instead of the standard 512MB and 576MB RAM instead of the 448MB. The expandable microSD card slot will accommodate 16GB compared to the 2GB card in the European version.

With the Mobile World Congress around the corner, it is being speculated that the T-Mobile HTC HD2 might straight away get the Windows Mobile 7 on-board, shunning the customary WM6.5 in the United States.

This may be a genuine reason for the HD2 to receive such surprising updates in the US and the picture will be clear after the MWC event next month. Given the stunning spec sheet the phone boasts of, WM 7 sounds like the perfect icing on the cake. [via: Wmpoweruser]

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