Peugeot E-Vivacity e-scooter soon; running costs to be one tenth of what ScootElec used to offer

January 25, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran

Scooter-maker Peugeot’s love affair with e-scooters has reached a new milestone. The new invention is called the E-Vivacity and it promises to redefine what e-scooters have been doing until now. The company also has a more eco-conscious public waiting for the new electric scooter to come. The most significant aspect of the new two-wheeler is the fact that despite the truth that its 4kW engine is the equal of a frugal 50cc scooter, its running costs will be one tenth. This is because it recharges from a domestic power source at regular tariffs.

What more do you want? The Peugeot E-Vivacity comes 15 years after its first ever electric scooter was rolled out. In 1996, the 40 km range of the Peugeot Scoot’Elec was presented, but sadly the environment conscious users happened to be rare then. The situation has changed since, and now comes the E-Vivacity. Peugeot is expected to see good action at the counters when it arrives. It is being seen that Peugeot has already started receiving astoundingly good interest from local authorities and public services interested in establishing urban fleets of clean vehicles. That itself is a good sign.

If the 1996 version of Scoot’Elec had run on nickel cadmium batteries for its 40 km operating range, the E-Vivacity will deploy a Lithium Ion Cobalt battery, for an operating range of 80 km to 100 km on the road. The battery will find its place right under the storage compartment. A full charge takes around four hours at a 230 V – 16 A domestic socket using the bike’s on-board charger and charging cable which find their place beneath the seat.

When we talk of Lithium Ion Cobalt, it means that the battery would come with a handful of gains for the user. Among them will be the capability to allow a minimum of 1,000 intensive charging /discharging cycles easily. Plus, it would also enable the e-vehicle to cover more than 40,000 km under normal usage.  If you are concerned about the battery and charge factor, Peugeot has thrown in an effective Battery Management System that will monitor the charge and the temperature of the different elements. It would also monitor the safety aspects. We will now wait to know what would be printed on the price tag.

(Via Gizmag)

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