Nokia N900 Dual Booting Android and Maemo OS, Double Delight

January 25, 2010, By Atul Roach

Nokia N900-Dual Booting-Android-Maemo 5-OS

Android sure is the buzz-word and for those who own the Nokia N900 and rue the fact that it runs on Maemo 5  OS, here is some consolation. It is possible to dual boot Android and Maemo 5 OS on the Nokia N900, thanks to Brandon Roberts who managed to get the hack through.

This is especially big news for the app deprived Nokia N900 users who could make use of the Android based applications in the near future. The Ovi Store will obviously assist the case of the Maemo 5 running handset users but, it will still take time to offer something close to 20,000 applications which Android offers.

The best possible thing to do will be to run Android on top of Maemo which will make sure that each time a switch between the two OS is desired, a user will not have to reboot it again and again.

The sad part is that it is still a proof-of concept and there is no clue or DIY as to how one can dual boot the device. We are hoping for the detailed instructions to arrive sometime soon and we promise to keep you posted. [via: Ubergizmo]

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