AT&T Exclusive iPhone Deal ‘May’ End This Week at the Jan 27 Special Apple Event

January 25, 2010, By Atul Roach

iPhone AT&T deal

AT&T has enjoyed overwhelming success with the exclusive Apple iPhone sales rights but the rumor mill is on the grind that the exclusive privileges to AT&T will end in a couple of days at the Apple Special Event. We know that the world is more focused and keen about the arrival of the Apple Tablet and the iPhone 4.0 OS details but, the news of the exclusive deal getting over holds equal importance for us.

There is no certainty about the new carrier to share the device sales but the most probable one is Verizon given its customer base and the network strength.

A good reason why the rumor might turn true is that AT&T itself hasn’t been iPhone centric with its future market strategy. Instead, AT&T has been on the toes to match Verizon and also make up for the future loss of iPhone sales by introducing smartphones on platforms it previously ignored.

AT&T has tried hard but it has still not managed to completely do away with the ‘poor network’ repute. iPhone users regularly complain about the transition from 3G to GSM and that has in turn contributed to the bad network reputation. In such a stance, AT&T will be happy to let go the iPhone customers as it may turn a blessing that undoes the reputation.

In the future, AT&T will focus on marketing devices such as the GSM versions of the Pre Plus and Pixi Plus along-with a number of upcoming Android devices. [Courtesy: Electronista]

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