Electromagnetic Pulse to put an end to high-speed chasing

January 24, 2010, By Atul Roach


Agreed that the cops ‘often’ manage to nab the criminals in a high-speed chase but that comes at the cost of some grave public property damage. An EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) is what could prevent damages of such nature in the future by tracking the core problem which is the ‘chase’ itself. Developed by a Canadian based company Eureka Aerospace, the EMP cannon shoots an electropulse, courtesy of its High-Powered Electromagnetic System (HPEMS) and manages to disable the movement of a commuter from 656 feet away.

The electropulse shots therefore serve a dual purpose-one that it makes a commuter immobile and the other that it ensures the driver and the bystanders are not hurt.

Apparently, the EMP cannon is the size of a suitcase and Eureka Aerospace now faces the daunting task of being able to compress it to the size of a handgun. Once the reduction in size happens, police and military commuters could easily use it to end those high speed chases forever.

At the moment, it does sound James Bond like but, the good news is that the EMP cannon will be ready for a demo next month. [via: Dvice]

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