Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Update for a better customization experience

January 22, 2010, By Atul Roach


Mozilla Firefox 3.6 Update is now available for download just days after its second RC release. The second most popular browser on the web after the internet explorer is still not certain about update 3.7 but it is good to know that 3.6 is finally here. Mozilla 3.6 update makes the browser 20% faster than the 3.5 and it offers features that improve the performance quality of the browser for especially the everyday user.

Firefox 3.6 offers support for a variety of web standards and the cause is assisted with over 6,000 add-ons which make the browser dance to a users tune. The browser now comes with specialized features for e-mailing, photo uploading and social networking.

A novelty to the update is the customizable browser theme dubbed Personas. Other specialties include a plug-in updater, an improved Javascript performance along with enhancements to favorites like the Awesome Bar, making the overall web experience more personal.

The Firefox admirers will have to manage with such updates that bring along refreshing changes until 2011 as it has already been told that a fully refurbished Mozilla Firefox 4.0 will only arrive early next year.

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