Sony PlayStation 3 motion controller to be delayed six months

January 20, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


The motion controller that Sony has been working on for its PlayStation 3 console will get delayed. In a bid to make available more software during the time the new motion controller is ready, the gaming company has pushed the launch by six months. When it arrives, it is expected that the motion controller would usher in a Wii-like game play to the PS3.

We have been hearing about the new motion controller and were awaiting launch by Spring this year. However, a bit more time would be required before the launch actually happens. Now, going by the talk among enthusiasts, we can expect the new motion controller to debut by Fall. The delay would mean that Sony will in the meantime garner a full range of compatible software titles to be rolled out just in time for the motion controller launch.

As if in a bid to ward off talk that the device is running late, Sony has assured enthusiast that the delay is in keeping with the arrival of compatible software. From what it looks like, the Sony motion controller is likely to be a prototype the device which had already been showcased earlier. If you would remember, the device prototype had a glowing ball mounted on its end that is tracked by the PlayStation Eye camera. We will have to wait for more details to come in.

(Via PC World)

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