IronClad ‘ultra-secure’ USB Drive from Lockheed Martin and IronKey

January 20, 2010, By Atul Roach

Data security is a major issue for people who prefer keeping data on portable storage devices like an external hard-drive or a USB. To ensure security, it is advisable to look for special products like the IronClad extra-secure USB drive which has been developed together by Lockheed Martin and IronKey.

IronClad USB Drive-from-Lockheed Martin-and-IronKey

IronClad is no ordinary device as it comes with an operating system, programs and files intact and this allows a user to hook up to any host PC and then access their own desktop and files implying that you can make any desktop your own.

IronClad also comes with a built-in remote management feature using which the IT managers can check the security status of the device. The best part is that this USB doesn’t waste any time accessing the host PCs hard drive and therefore the performance is slick.

Talk about the best security advantages, IronClad has 256-bit hardware-level encryption which ensures safety against malware threats and rootkits. Pricing and the shipping details of this product are yet to be known but, we do know that the minimum capacity variant will store 8gigs of data in a water and shock resistant metal casing. [via: Electronista]

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