Bing replacing Google as default iPhone search engine

January 20, 2010, By Atul Roach

Google is on the downswing with Beijing completely banning the search engine unless it complies to the native legal requirements. There is more bad news for Google lovers as speculations are abound that Google may be replaced by Bing as the default search browser on the iPhone. Apple and Microsoft have been negotiating for weeks to see the plan through.


Apple and Google have shared a nice relationship until now but, with Google targeting the smartphone market with its Nexus One handset, the two have become competitors of a sort. This is a presumptuous reason and the exact details for this change are yet to be known.

This may not be a major shock for Google for if a user prefers them to Bing, the default settings could always be changed and you can have my word on that, no search engine can match the might of Google even if a behemoth like Microsoft endorses it.

Microsoft on the other hand might be a tad pleased if the deal goes through for it is definitely seeking a move-on in the search engine world.[via: Phonesreview]

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