Xbox Live Targeting Cable Networks With Live Streaming

January 19, 2010, By Atul Roach

Xbox Live-Streaming TV Shows and Movies

We are not quite sure about the stress pattern of the word video-game! This confusion is the courtesy of gaming behemoths like Sony and Microsoft who apparently are stressing more on the word video than the word game. Microsoft especially is keen on developing XboX Live more as a media portal than a gaming service which already offers access to social networking sites and attractions like Netflix. Microsoft has taken rapid strides by streaming TV shows and movies and now user specific shows are also being produced.

All this means that Xbox Live is a cable service competitor and the content ambitions for Microsoft are never ending. Indeed, Microsoft is passionate about further growth and it recently held talks with Walt Disney about a programing deal with ESPN.

ESPN 360 is restricted to high-speed web users and in the future Xbox Live subscribers could also have access to a similar service where they will enjoy live sporting events.

What helps the growth is the fact that 60% of the American homes have a gaming console and a major section of this percentage own an Xbox. With this huge a user base, the only thing required is attractive content. [via: Cnet]

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