Versace luxury mobile phone to arrive this May; likely to sport a heavy tag

January 19, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Fashion Street will have a new luxury addition of the technology kind by the time Spring dawns this year. Versace mobile? Yes, the Milan-based fashion label is already into it and has started designing the handset. When it releases this May, the Versace branded mobile phone is sure to be lapped up by all those fashion conscious people out there.

Being designed by Donatella Versace, the new fashion accessory handset will be rolled out in collaboration with French firm ModeLabs Group SA. The fashion house is fast readying the handset so that it could be shown off on the ramp for the first time to select clients at a private showing during Paris Haute Couture week later this month. It is expected that ModeLabs would continue supplying Operating System upgrades to customers of the luxury brand cell, post building of the device too.  

Wonder what price the new luxury mobile device from the fashion house would sell for? We are trying to have a peek at the price tag, but it seems Versace hasn’t decided on the pricing either. We may have to wait. The grapevine tells us that the Versace mobile might cost more than the similar devices other fashion houses had rolled out earlier. If you would remember,

Christian Dior had brought its cell phone to the market for €3,500 ($5,000) a year ago. Expect a heftier price tag for the Versace mobile device.

(Via Reuters)

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