Silicon Power shows off world’s first 128GB 400X CF Card

January 19, 2010, By Thomas Antony

Secure Digital may rule the world, but CF still has a considerable following when it comes to high-end DSLR cameras. This is particularly due to the comparatively high speeds offered by the CompactFlash cards. Ahh.. I remember the old days, when I had a 20GB harddisk, which was more than every other kid in the class. Good old days…

SiliconPower 400GB CF

Now, 16Gb and 32GB cards are starting to become commonplace, and frankly, I have trouble filling the 4GB card on my Cybershot. But of course, its different with DSLRs. They are usually owned by real shutterbugs and they also put out rather big files especially if in RAW format. So in case existing storage options were limiting you, Silicon Power has now unveiled the world’s first 128 GB CompactFlash card.

The new CF card offers speeds of upto 400X which is much more than what is capable by the current SD or SDHC cards, at a price. The CompactFlash Card supports PIO Mode-6 and Multi-word DMA 4 transfer mode in quad-channel configurations. The card is compatible with the ROHS standards and is claimed to be 100% “green”.. whatever that means. They measure in at 36.4 mm x 42.8mm x 3.3mm and weighs 10g to 12g. No pricing information is known as of now .

Via SlashGear

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