Samsung HZ35W and HZ30W add to pocketzoom range; three more new cameras set to arrive

January 19, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Here’s not just one, but five point-and-shoot cameras that promise all fun. Built by Samsung, the five new devices form part of the company’s pocket megazoom cameras. The five new cameras stand up to the top of the line optical zoom and in-camera features that the pocket megazoom category offers.  

Among the five are two luxury models that offer a 15X optical zoom range (24mm to 360mm). Christened, Samsung HZ35W and HZ30W, the two pocketzoom models may be termed the luxury class models in the whole range. While the HZ35W is a 12-megapixel HZ35W is just an inch thick and houses a 3-inch AMOLED screen plus 720p HD video capture at 30 frames per second. Samsung has added a geo-tagging feature allowing on-board GPS to embed location data in images.  The Samsung HZ35W will also boast of photo tagging capabilities, and would displaying saved images on a map interface via built-in software.

Meanwhile, the HZ30W almost resembles its HZ35W cousin. The megapixel count and zoom lens features are what they share. However, the difference would be that it would not have GPS functions. Also, instead of an AMOLED display, Samsung has provided the HZ30W with a 3-inch LCD screen.

The new range of cameras also includes ultra-compact devices named Samsung TL110, TL105, and SL630. These are in fact lower end devices that wouldn’t stand up to the pocket megazoom models in terms of luxury specs. Samsung has made the 14-megapixel TL110 with a 5X-optical-zoom (27mm to 135mm) camera with dual image stabilization in a 0.65-inch-deep frame. It also houses a 2.7-inch LCD, motion-tracking autofocus, and 720p HD video recording round out its key specs. Meanwhile, the TL105 gives dual image stabilization and the motion-tracking feature the miss, but is spruced up with a 12-megapixel sensor, a 4X-optical-zoom (27.5mm to 110mm) lens, 720p video capture.

The SL630 model comes as a 12 MP device with a 5X-optical-zoom lens (28mm to 140mm), dual image stabilization, a 2.7-inch LCD screen, and standard-definition 640-by-480 video capture at 30 fps. Samsung will bring to the market the SL630 in March, while the TL-series cameras would arrive a month early.

(Via PCWorld)

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