Quanta lining up Smartbook that could look like an iPhone!

January 19, 2010, By Sanjeev Ramachandran


Smartbooks seem to be getting even more smarter at the Quanta assembly line. In a bid to hold on to the growth phase, Quanta Computer is now making a smartbook which would, in fact, be a computer in an iPhone form factor! Yes you read that right, as this has come straight from Quanta Chairman Barry Lam himself.

The new proposed smartbook would most probably be a device that would bank heavily on a 3.5-inch touchscreen display. Also, the smartbook would boast of capabilities such as making voice calls and Net access. As you all know, Quanta is the computer maker that supplies majors of the likes of Apple and HP. Now that, the company looks at a chance to leap frog to added growth and profits, such a decision which could be treated as innovative to the core , has come about. Barry Lam had told BusinessWeek that Quanta is looking at more strategic investments to continue the profit phase.

So when the new smartbook, which would be a computer in an iPhone form, comes about it would be chipmakers ARM and Qualcomm who will be responsible for supply of chips for the device.

Not many details have been made known about the innovation that is happening already at Quanta. May be we will have to wait for an extended period to know the scheduled release date and the price factor.

(Via BusinessWeek)

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