HTC Supersonic at Sprint a Reality with WiMAX Intact

January 19, 2010, By Atul Roach

HTC Sprint Supersonic

Sprints’ upcoming mobile phone inventory leak few days ago did feature the HTC A9292 with WiMAX onboard and now if a reliable Engadget source is to be trusted, HTC A9292 is the HTC Supersonic. We need to tread carefully as we talk about a ‘potentially’ stunning smartphone so therefore what you read here should be advisably treated as a presumption. As per the source though, ‘Supersonic’ is a mere codename for a device that will run on Android 2.1 and the HTC Sense User Interface.

The WiMAX Candybar style Supersonic will come with a 4.3-inch LCD display (reminds us of the HTC HD2) and it will also have a kickstand on the back, something which was first spotted on the HTC Imagio.

The tipster also reveals that he saw the the Supersonic in White but the production devices will surely sport a range of colors. We are also hoping for Snapdragon on the inside but that is yet to be confirmed. The Software of the upcoming smartphone is loaded with bugs so a release date is out of question as of now.

[via: BGR]

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