Google Delays Nexus One Phone Launch in China

January 19, 2010, By Atul Roach

Censorship and e-mail hacking issues have made the Chinese government ban search giant Google in China and things will only worsen from here. The gadget freaks across the country expecting a Nexus One release will be dented to know that Google has decided to delay the launch of Nexus One.

Google-Nexus One-Release-Postponed in China

Google believes that bad publicity currently surrounds them in China and therefore the customers will not have a positive experience with the product.

Google had earlier scheduled a release event for the Nexus One Android powered handset on January 20th but, no clarification stating the exact reason has been given other than the ‘positive experience’ excuse of course.

Google is pretty vocal about the fact that it will not censor content on and it wants to find a way to run a legal and uncensored search engine in the country. On the contrary, a Foreign Ministry spokesman has clarified that Google needs to obey the laws and Beijing will not change its stance despite threats from Google to leave the country.

The only group supporting Google in China at this adverse time are the Chinese web surfers!

[Courtesy: Talkandroid]

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