Flexible Displays patent filing from Nokia hints at a trendy future

January 19, 2010, By Atul Roach

Nokia just like all the other cell phone manufacturers has lost the Smartphone war to Apple and the way to claw back into competition is to design some chic models that can do a lot more than the present day options.

Nokia-Latest Patent Application-for-Flexible Displays

It seems Nokia is trying hard and an evidence of the fact is the latest patent application titled-User, Interface Device and Method for a Physically Flexible Device. Nokia is wanting to develop flexible displays since 2008 and with this latest application, the intent is to develop handsets which could use flexibility for purposes better than portability.

These handsets could be twisted or rather flexed into a particular shape to perform specific tasks. Say for instance, the phone could be given a shape of a beer can and responding to this change of shape, the phone will render a list of the bars and pubs in the surrounding area.

Similarly, to find the best eating joints around, the phone could be flexed into a shape of a bowl. Nokia is obviously at the patent filing stage and therefore a production version of such a handset is a dream but then, Nokia needs to make these dreams come true to become competitive again. [via: MW]

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