Verizon iPhone Release Date Getting Closer and Closer, Leaked Image Reveals

January 18, 2010, By Atul Roach


We all know that the AT&T and Apple ‘deal’ gives exclusive iPhone sales rights to AT&T in the US and it will get reviewed pretty soon. With FCC pushing hard to end such exclusive tie-ups and Apple interested in expanding its sales furthermore, AT&T is sure to loose the exclusive rights and Verizon is emerging as the second carrier which could sell the phone in the future.

Verizon’s claims are getting stronger by the day and a latest image (hit the jump) of an iPhone from the San Francisco Bay Area revealing Verizon as the Carrier ID has given more weight to this presumption.

Some may refute this image as a gimmick but it is important to note that the current iPhones use GSM and not CDMA connectivity. The complete ‘Verizon Wireless’ may not have appeared because of the lack of space on the status bar.

All this suggests that an iPhone supporting a CDMA network is being tested and the Apple AT&T deal may end sooner than expected. What we now hope for is some confirmation from either Apple or Verizon to ascertain that a Verizon compatible iPhone will be a reality soon. [ via: Electronista]

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